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Technology and Women Empowerment Program is aimed at developing and preparing women and girls with basic digital skills, work-readiness skills and encouraging women to take up leadership positions with the hope of building their capacity in their careers and education and becoming great leaders.

Our Mission

We strive to close the gender gap and empower women and girls to embrace technology by acquiring digital skills, work-readiness skills and leadership skills to help them succeed in STEM and other career fields.

Our Vision

We envision a world of an inclusive technology industry where women and girls will be fully equipped with the necessary digital skills and confidence to excel in their careers to drive sustainable change and create an impact of empowering others.


To empower, prepare, build and develop girls and women with work-readiness skills such as communication, personal skills, job retention, career options, mock interviews, conflict management etc To reskill and upskill girls to acquire basic digital skills especially during this period that schools have been shut down. Furthermore, to empower them with practical skills aimed at building their capacity in STEM and encourage them to pursue career options in STEM. To build and develop the capacity of girls to generate technology-driven ideas fit for the communities they find themselves in to solve problems peculiar to women. To increase the participation of women in leadership positions in various industries across the country through the empowered women programs.

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Meet our Team

Florence Toffa


Elikplim Sabblah

Project Coordinator

Princess E. Ndom

Project Officer

Joshua Puplampu

Digital Content Creator