The labor market for digital skills in Sub-Saharan Africa, and specifically Ghana, is already highly developed, and demand is expected to grow. Basic digital skills, such as email communication, web research, and online transactions, are essential to the future workforce (source)

- International Finance Corporation-


Technology and Women Empowerment Program

Technology and Women Empowerment Program is aimed at developing and preparing women and girls with basic digital skills, work-readiness skills and encouraging women to take up leadership positions with the hope of building their capacity in their careers and education and becoming great leaders.

This project seeks to reskill and upskill girls to acquire basic digital skills especially during this period that schools have been shut down. Furthermore, to empower them with practical skills aimed at building their capacity in STEM and encourage them to pursue career options in STEM. Also, to build and develop girls’ capacity to generate technology-driven ideas fit for the communities they find themselves in to solve problems peculiar to women.

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Get-Ready-for-Work Series

This is a series of work readiness programs targeted at women within the ages of 18 to 25 years to prepare them for the work environment. The program will include skills such as communication, personal skills, job retention, career options, mock interviews, conflict management etc. Facilitators of this program will be made up of industry experts and experienced speakers who will provide participants with in-depth knowledge into this subject matter. The outcome of this program is to increase the rate of employability of the women and girls who participate in this program.

Curriculum Vitae (CV) Clinic Series

Participants will be taught different modules of writing a winning CV. The series will happen once a month. Professionals/experts will review and give feedback on various CVs submitted by

Get-Ready-for-Work Chat Series

This series will cover topics like job retention, how to negotiate for and get a salary increase, communication in the workplace, teamwork, mock interviews, stress management at the workplace etc. It will be held once a week.

The Employment Day/Fair

This is a big one-day event that brings job seekers and employers together to interact and connect with each other. Series of activities like interviews of candidates, feedback on CVs, exhibitions etc. will be scheduled throughout the day.

The STEM Program

This is a series of online programs that will cover coding, technology tools for girls, online safety programs for girls, STEM career options and many more tailormade topics. STEM careers have become the most sought after careers in the21st century and we want to train girls with the requisite knowledge in STEM to prepare them for bigger opportunities in the present and future..

The STEM program is in three parts

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The ABCs of STEM

A chat series which focuses on sharing tips, tactics,principles, heroes, online safety, and career awareness of STEM. This is held once every two weeks.

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STEM Tuesday

Every Tuesday in a week, participants will be taken through various classes of coding and STEM lessons such as 3D printing, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science etc. The target audience for this program are girls between the ages of 10 to 16 years.

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The Big STEM Day

This is a one day event that showcases products and innovations of STEM. Target participants are STEM startups, innovators, influencers and incubators. The outcome of this event will be measured in increased knowledge of STEM innovations and connections.

Upcoming events

Technology and Women Empowerment Program

The Empowered Women Event

This is a one-day online or offline event that is aimed at putting the spotlight on women who have achieved significant success in various careers to share their stories with young girls.This event will be driven by users to feature a speaker they would like to listen to.

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iLead for Women

This is a monthly event to empower, coach and equip young women to realize/reach their full leadership potential. 15 to 20 women will be selected to go through a six months online/offline course on leadership.This program will also build a culture of strong women leaders, have one on one coaching sessions for women, help them to break barriers by engaging with women leaders across various industries.

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Open Forum for Women Leaders

This series will happen once a week to discuss some of the key issues obstructing businesses owned by women from growing and scaling. Some of the topics that will be discussed include access to capital, market, networks, training and technological tools for women entrepreneurs. The outcome of this program is increased knowledge in growing businesses owned by women.

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The Employment Day/Fair

This is a big one-day event that brings job seekers and employers together to interact and connect with each other. During this day, a series of activities will be scheduled throughout the day which includes live interviews of candidates, feedback on CVs, exhibitions etc.

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